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"Life in the Shower"
Bobo/GRIMM Beer:
"the bobo learns idea"
Hudson, ny
Simon & gus
new york city

Simon & Gus is a binaural artwork that tells the story of a sea steading maker-hobbyist as told from the perspective of an arduino board, and a mars dwelling stop motion animator as told from the perspective of a stop motion armature. The stop motion animator attends an artist residency on Mars, and eventually sets out to start his own artist colony (a martian animation studio) with stupefying hubris. The result has disastrous consequences, with the martian ghosts eventually swallowing his soul, and his armature gaining full access to the animator's motor skills and control of his ability to move. The diy maker attends a hackerbot conference, and decides to start his own sea colony for hacker, tinkerers and their like.. but his motives get upended as well, with the arduino board overtaking the maker's consciousness. The two narratives are united in story structure, in time, and in form. They both play out symmetrically in many respects, on two video screens running a speed reading product running at 1000 words per minute so users can soak up as much of this narrative in as little time as possible.

new york city

"Wegmans,1916-3504" was presented in Goulding the Lolly, an exhibition curated by Brian Belott, which brought together artists to do "covers" of other artist's work. Bobo decided to cover William Wegman's work To Market, but to also cover the Wegmans grocery company. At its center is a prepared foods counter with a dog-human hybrid, an employee of Wegmans, selling his own legs as bones amongst other dogbones and chewtoys. From left to right, the work spans the whole history of Wegmans Food Markets, Inc. From its inception in 1916 to its masterful comeback in the year 3504, it examines any potential developments in the grocery industry and in food tech, as rendered by dog-human hybrids.

new york city

Tasky Frameworks was a 2016 exhibition by Bobo held at 247365. There were 7 stations within this show.

President Velveteen
Its the year' 76, and the Velveteen Rabbit is running for reelection against Anonymous, a vast hacker syndicate that is very popular with the youth vote.  President Velveteen manipulates the east coast media establishment into hosting a single NYT / MSNBC online election adjacent to the most recent poll numbers at the bottom of a long glowing editorial endorsement of the soft raggedy rabbit for president.

** Made during the 2016 primaries, when there was evident media bias against Sanders. It was prior to data scientists being wrong on their polling, the DNC being hacked by the Russians, the furious retaliation against the media.

Contemporary Azteca Hootchee Kootchee
At a modern day cuddler conference, a group of Aztec Revistionists gather with astounding hubris for a weeklong package of panel discussions, poster sessions, presentations of peer reviewed papers, light snacks (and some cuddle sessions).

Operational CalcHead Hellbox
Storing answers within the innards of a TI-83 graphing calculator, this pre-calc middle school student has managed to find multiple methods of cheating on this scantron and in cheating puberty. Because of this ultimate no no, he is now locked in this angry hell cube in a continual transition state of cyclical puberty.

Roo and Nesta: A Simpatico Desire for the Ages 
A precocious crab nudges a wild spritely young redhead, Roo Eldridge, towards meeting Nesta, and towards matching his porpoise with her's (an act that satiates their carnal desires). Their procreation goes according to the crab's plan, except that Nesta's been enlisted to assassinate Roo as an agent of the Baron Dermatologist. The dermatologist operates a vast skincare empire across the Micronesian island chain, but has sought in recent years to exterminate the rebel existance that has perturbed his burgeoning business.

Universal Timezone Roasters
A representation of an espresso machine that produces a single cup of joe every 10,000 eons. The artifact has demanded the steady attention of a whole multitude of timekeeping experts to keep the time hand spinning and the espresso bean dripping. Thanks to Lindsay Kovnat for supplying ceramic work on piece.

LES ASMR Flu Fashion 
A fashionista sensitive to soft sounds and soft down home fibers serves as a flu bearing host.  As a resident of a city very susceptible to contagion she cant help herself passing the neurolinguist NYC subway sickness into the $7,000 binaural microphone as she broadcasts gently whispered num-num’s.  She further escapes her sickness reality by buying really high end snuggly wears and listening to comforting ASMR trigger videos in her charcoal wool protection blanket cacoon. (Thanks to Amanda Phelan for supplying apparel)

Qing Dynasty Surrealism

A young Salvador Dali is sent away to a small fishing village in coastal China. Washing ashore, the local arts community takes this egg in and incubates it, all while they inventively harness their true creative potential and boldly unleash a new form of art into existence: Surrealism. The Qing Dynasty Surrealist arts community watches in amazement as he is hatched on the reflective pools of an iris cusping into a dripping moon crescent. To nurture him, the Surrealists jack their pre-dawn dreamscapes into his consciousness via direct mind-machine dream conduits. Baby Dali is fed dreams that he eventually plagiarizes, as he grows old and selfish. He absorbs and hijacks their originality when he returns to Spain in an act of selfishness.

Anne of carowinds
Sir humphrey's decree
portland, or
global order of YBs
New york city
New York City
Bobo's on 27th
@foxy production
New York City

This was a simultaneous video-linked exhibition that Bobo held between two spaces, Bobo’s on 9th, and "Bobo's on 27th"(held at Foxy Productions). Bobo wrote in 2008, “The appearance of the exhibition could be best described as a germed-up concept car interface, burnt and melting. This aesthetic reinforces our existing attention to the corners of rooms where bits of dead skin rest, where the dust mites reside” w. Bobo, Lindsay Beebe, Matt Berrian, Brent Cowley, Lizzie Fitch, Jesse Greenberg, Barkev Gulesserian, Colt Hausman, Miles Huston, Brian Mckelligott, Annie Pearlman, Ben Phelan, Pifas, Ted Sefcik. (Curated By Bobo)

@bobo's on 9th